We understand the importance of giving back and that moving forward should not affect where we’ve been. Royal Heir has teamed with non-profit organization, Hope for Honduran Children to give back to the people of Honduras, where CEO, Essince was born.

Over 70% of Honduras’ population is under the age of 24* and live in extreme poverty but we see that as unlimited, untapped potential. Potential which needs to be educated and nurtured for growth.

2016 Accomplishments

  • 41 scholarships enabling students to attend high school
  • 8 University scholarships
  • Elon University students taught a courses on Gender Based Violence
  • Taught at CAIPAC – the Center for the Blind
  • scholarships to INFOP, the Police Academy, and cooking school
  • Providing high speed internet to the Santa Lucia High School
  • Providing English classes to the Santa Lucia High School
  • Four “Education Brigades” brought school supplies, teachers and new ideas to Casa Noble, Naguara, Suyatillo, San Juan de Rancho and other isolated impoverished villages
  • AND MORE! (Click Here to Read more).

100% of donations made above and a portion of ALL of our proceeds will be given to Hope for Honduran children to help fund the Flor Azul Boys Community and The Reyes Irene Valenzuela Training Center which helps to educate young women and give them the skills they need to prepare them for their futures.
* Age statistics estimated from CIA World Factbook and Hope For Honduran Children



Pentorship Program

Our CEO, Essince has been an official mentor in the Pentorship Program since its inception.

“The Pentorship program provides opportunities for incarcerated men and women to gain a head start to successful reintegration through participation in one of its two physical mail correspondence programs, which are enhanced virtually through crowd mentoring and academic tutoring.” – www.pentorship.org