Royal Heir Entertainment

Royal Heir Entertainment provides Tour Booking, Radio Promotion, Mixtape Promotion, Digital Distribution, & more! We have the team and international experience to give your music career the boost you need! Do you need Mixtape Promotion, Hiphop Blog features, Radio Promotion? Contact us TODAY to reach fans! (Ask about our International/Asia Promo Packages)

The internet evens the playing field between independent artists and Major Labels but also creates over-saturation, making it harder than ever to stand out. We’re here to give the Power to the creators.

Royal Heir Entertainment is a green company; operating digitally and giving back to the community. With our hiphop marketing, digital distribution, and even the tours we book, we aim to minimize the carbon footprint we leave. We thank you for your cooperation in keeping this planet fresh and healthy for generations to come! We provide MAJOR LABEL services without being a label. This means the $$ and Control stay with YOU, the artist. We give our clients the same opportunities.

We have professional experience on both the talent AND business sides of the industry, so we understand the Artist mindset but also know how it needs to be presented.

“Music to the World”.